Are you paying too much for business calls?

Are you paying too much for business calls

Are you paying too much for business calls?

With so many telecoms companies on the market and hundreds of different business tariffs, it’s a struggle to find out if you pay too much for your business calls.

Most businesses think moving away from traditional BT lines isn’t worth the hassle, but could staying put cost your business hundreds more each year?

Moving to IP telephony brings a number of added features that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without. Connecting home workers is simple, while auto-attendant and voicemail-to-email makes working much more efficient. 

Now is the time to move to VoIP, as traditional BT ISDN lines are being switched off in 2025.

What call charges are you paying right now?

  1. From your latest bill, head to the summary page to see total charges for each call type; Local / National / International / Mobiles
  2. Time needs to be converted to minutes. 3 hours 24 minutes would be 204 minutes.
  3. Cost divided by minutes gives you your comparable rate

If you’re paying over 1p per minute for Local or National calls, it’s too much.

If you’re paying over 5p per minute to call Mobiles, it’s too much.

International calls are much harder to compare as all countries have different prices. If you make a lot of international calls, talk to us about a VoIP solution to drive costs down.

What line rental are you paying right now?

  1. Locate Line Charges on the summary page. This could be Analogue/PSTN, ISDN2 or ISDN30 and you should also see the number of lines you pay for.
  2. Simply divide the cost by number of lines.

If you are paying more than £11 per line, it’s too much.

We can help

Contact our technical sales team on 0191 461 4200, we have experts on hand to help get you a better deal. If you would prefer to email, please send your enquiry to


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