Benefits of moving to a VoIP Telephone System

IP Phone at home

Benefits of moving to a VoIP Telephone System

Switching to a VoIP telephone system has many advantages including reduced costs and time, with increased flexibility and functions.

1. Call Costs

VoIP telephone systems make calls using Internet Protocol instead of telephone lines. Your voice is converted into packets and transmitted over the IP network. This means you don’t need multiple phone lines, saving on rental cost and

2. Any phone number

Because all VoIP phone systems, Cloud hosted or SIP trunking, lives in data centres, you can choose any phone number from any UK location you need. This includes 03 and 0800 numbers which can be useful for marketing campaigns.

4. Scalable

With SIP lines connected to your on-site PBX, when you need more capacity it can be simply turned up, no need for engineers visits to install extra lines. If demand goes down, simply turn it back down again.

Cloud phone systems provide total flexibility. Users can be added instantly by connecting them via Mobile App or Softphone. For new handsets, once provisioned, are plug-and-play, so plug them into any internet enabled network or your wifi router at home.

4. Unified Communications

The term “Unified Communications” or “UC” explains how phone systems connect to multiple end-points. Diverse communications for a modern workforce as calls can be made and received on Desk Phones, Softphones, and Mobile Apps. Unified means a single number can ring any chosen end-point or all three at once.

Russell Telecom has been installing phone systems from Small Business systems to multi-site Enterprise solutions. Please speak to one of our technical experts to find out more

NEC GT890 IP Desktop Phone
NEC VoIP Video Phone


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