The business world has changed. Increasing demand for home working, remote working as well the flexibility of hybrid working. Russell Telecom can help you connect your teams, wherever they are. 

Greater Flexibility

  • SIP calls can be routed to your desktop phone, mobile phone app, PC or Mac Softphone and even Microsoft Teams. Wherever you go, you can take your number with you.
  • Manage your own availability though your online portal or app, as you’ll not want to be at work all the time. Calls can be routed to someone else or to voicemail.


SIP can be scaled-up and scaled down to handle a high volume of concurrent calls without waiting for an engineer’s visit.

  • Easily increase/decrease the number of users or add extensions in any location at any time as there is often no need for an engineer to visit.
  • Quickly add new staff though mobile apps and easy roll-out of desktop handsets.
  • Provide remote based staff or partners with virtual extension numbers, voicemail and mobile apps.

Improved communication

  • Audio conference calling allows large groups of people to participate meetings and eliminates problems of travel and hectic schedules.
  • Integration with Teams
  • Record all inbound and outgoing calls so you can revisit conversations to get the information you need.

Calling Menu

A calling menu (auto attendant ) will direct your caller to the right person, department or message centre with intuitive instructions.
  • Extension numbers offer a faster way for parents and staff to reach the right person as well as effective internal calls.
  • Multiple sites connected on a single phone system with one number or different site numbers. You choose the setup that is the most efficient for you.

Smart Mobility

Out of office, or out-of-hours support are easily managed though smart mobility. With mobile bolt-on apps you can treat your smartphone as your desk phone with all the features you would expect at your desk is in your hands wherever you go.

Saving Money

  • Calls to UK Landlines and UK Mobiles are free
  • Only pay for the features you need
  • Keep your existing numbers by porting them to the cloud, no more line rental
  • Quick and seamless migration from traditional to VoIP

Easy to use / Feature rich phones

We offer a broad variety of phones and apps that deliver high-quality voice communications as well as features to increase productivity. Phones can be personalised through several customisable options to allow each user their own preferred way to communicate.

Whatever size your business, whatever industry, our range of telecommunications will keep you connected in the office and on the go.

Illingworths Supplies Ltd Logo

Switching to SIP has proved to be a huge cost saving which is great for us as a family run business, we no longer have to worry about the switch off of traditional lines and being on SIP has provided a lot of flexibility in terms of how we operate as a business. The new system set up is working very well for us and has been a blessing during COVID. We are very pleased to be partnered with Russell Telecom Ltd once again

Claire Brown, Manager


Illingworth Supplies Ltd

Industry Industrial
Solution NEC SL2100

Draycott & Kirk Chartered Accountants

Switching to SIP lines was an excellent choice for us, we have noticed a huge cost saving and we are particularly impressed with the flexibility it provides. We have had to adapt the way we work and the mobile apps have allowed us to do so, without any disruption or requirement to be in the office, they have proved invaluable during the COVID pandemic. We are very happy with the service we receive from Russell Telecom and are delighted to be partnered once again.

Craig Mason, Partner at Draycott & Kirk.


Draycott & Kirk

Industry Financial
Solution NEC SL2100

Customer - Leeds Credit Union Logo

Russell Telecom have genuinely pulled out all the stops to work hard to ensure this transition has been seemless. Our downtime was around 3 minutes; very impressive. MyCalls has provided us with a new, clear understanding as to how our call handling functions. It has enabled us to take control of call distribution and have detailed reports to go with this, a major benefit being that they are in real time. The SV9100 system integrates directly with this and provides us with the flexibility that we required. I can also program and amend the telephone system myself using the PC Pro software, this has proved invaluable as we are able to fully control and amend our system set up with support from Russell Telecoms technical team if required.

IT Manager, Leeds Credit Union


Leeds Credit Union

Industry Financial
Solution NEC SV9100

WT Johnson & Sons Ltd - Logo

We are very happy with the new system that has been installed, the dect and desk phones are both reliable, robust and easy to navigate making it very user-friendly.

Jeremy McKinnell, company accountant


WT Johnson and Sons

Industry Textiles
Solution NEC SV9100

Wensleydale Dairy Products Ltd - logo

The installation went very smoothly with minimum disruption, which was much appreciated. As well as having an excellent new telecoms system, Russell Telecom has also saved us money on call costs.

Margaret Forward, Financial Director


Wensleydale Dairy Products Ltd​

Industry Manufacturing / Retail
Solution NEC SV9100