Duke Medical Centre


Duke Medical Centre, Sheffield

The prognosis is ‘excellent’ for new telecoms system


Duke Medical Centre, a three-doctor practice, is based in the heart of Sheffield.
When it came to upgrading its telecoms system, Duke Medical Centre chose Russell Telecom, a company with over 25 yearsʼ experience of meeting the telecommunications needs of UK businesses and organisations, as its preferred supplier.


NEC phone variations
Duke Medical Centre wanted to replace its existing telecoms system with a solution that could embrace
its requirement for a call recording facility and an auto attendant system. The call recording facility is useful for tracking patient calls and for quality control.
The auto attendant feature would enable the practice to respond to calls quickly and effectively and to direct callers to the best source of information whether that is for appointments, test results or other information such as flu jab details.


“We are very happy with the solution provided by Russell Telecom. The new system is very easy to use and the staff really rate it. The engineers who installed it were fabulous!”

Rachel Green, Duke Medical Centreʼs Practice Manager


Russell Telecom completed a comprehensive evaluation of the practiceʼs telecommunications system before deciding that the NEC SV8100 solution would meet their requirements perfectly. The SV8100 is one of the newest digital and IP phone systems from NEC and has been specifically designed to meet the needs of all types of businesses and organisations.

The system includes an integrated digital voicemail, which not only provides a night and day service and auto attendant but also provides call recording. The auto attendant facility is especially useful for a practice because callers can be directed quickly and effectively to the information they need and greeting messages can be changed to suit requirements.

In addition, NECʼs MyCalls Manager call management software was installed at the practice. The SV8100 MyCalls Manager is easy to use and has many features, which include:

  • Real time graphical summary of calls
  • Historical reports to be generated at user defined times and intervals
  • Number of calls received
  • Number of calls abandoned

Call duration

The software would crucially enable the practice to measure how long callers are waiting before they hang up and how much time and money they spend on the telephone. The call review feature is an extremely effective training aid. Many organisations use this feature for recording nuisance or abusive callers and for dispute management.


Duke Medical Centre is very pleased with the solution installed by Russell Telecom. They are especially happy with the auto attendant and MyCalls Manager software. MyCalls has substantially reduced the number of abandoned calls from 329 on the first day of using the system, when their frequency could for the first time be measured in real time, to 27 in just two weeks.

Practice Manager Rachel Green commented:

“The new system is brilliant. “Most callers can get through and are directed effectively and efficiently to the information they need by the auto attendant feature. “The number of abandoned calls has been reduced dramatically as we now have the ability to pick these up and the caller is not simply ringing until they give up. Patients are happy with the new system as they are able to make appointments or get the information they need much more quickly and efficiently.”

There are many valuable benefits of MyCalls including:

  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Identifying over and under achieving employees
  •  Identifying call patterns and trends
  • Auto scheduling reports
  • Determining the ‘busy hour’
  • Identifying missed calls
  • Identifying true call cost
  • Cutting telecom and operational costs
  • Identifying unused extensions and trunks

The practice can also measure how long callers are waiting before they hang up.

Rachel added:

“The new system has certainly done what we hoped for, it was easy to learn the new
features and the staff really rate it.”