E2A Services


A clean sweep from Russell Telecom & E2A Services


E2A Services is a leading carpet and upholstery cleaning company based in Doncaster. One of its three companies is Chem-Dry,

an industry- leading brand with franchises based across the UK and overseas. E2A Services operates the Chem- Dry franchise in South Yorkshire covering Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield areas.



The company’s staff often work remotely and late at night and at weekends. They need to be contactable at all times, so they required a solution that could meet, and future-proof, their needs.

The Solution

Russell Telecom provided an NEC SV9100 with VoIP SIP Trunks (lines) and upgraded the ISDN2 lines to SIP trunks, digital and IP handsets and IP Softphones with Mobile Extension features. E2A Services operates under different names including Chem-Dry and they use different numbers for each business, so with the new system and SIP Trunks they can identify which business the customer called and direct it more quickly and efficiently. Also by using SIP Trunks they can have telephone numbers local area codes so that they keep the local presence in different cities etc.

The company’s staff often work remotely and late into the night and at weekends and need to be contactable at all times, so the IP Softphones (phones on their lap top PCs) and Mobile Extension feature (turns their mobile phones into extensions on the system) give them great flexibility and true mobility.

NEC SV9100 is the very latest IP telephone solution evolving from decades of previous systems sold worldwide with its comprehensive functionality and outstanding reliability.

The Result

Allan Simmons,MD of E2A Services, said: “We are delighted with the new system Russell Telecom have installed for us. We have used them for many years for our phone system, but the new system and having moved all of our lines and management to Russell has made a fantastic difference to our business.”

“Bringing them all together has reduced the admin for invoicing and also there is now just one contact point to add additional marketing numbers quickly and know it will be done.”

Allan added: “Being able to identify which of our marketing numbers is coming in has made it easier for us to prioritise who answers which numbers, meaning the correct people get the correct calls the first time. We also love the fact we can now transfer calls into the office directly to the mobile of a team member, this means we don’t need to give out direct numbers, so the team no longer get calls directly from clients at random to disturb them.”

“The service on installation and setup was brilliant, and Russell Telecom took time to demonstrate and train us on the features.”

“We also love the flexibility of the various modes, so at different times of day, or when only certain members are in the office we can set the mode to reflect that and still handle calls far more efficiently than before we upgraded. We also like the ability to use IP phones when the office is closed, or we are all away at a trade event or exhibition. We’ve been able to take calls literally anywhere just as if we were sat in the office. I can’t tell you how much time this has saved because instead of having to take a message and call back the caller is dealt with straight away.”

“I’d highly recommend anyone looking for telecoms solutions to give this company a call. Thank you Russell Telecom.”