Holycroft Surgery


Holycroft Surgery, West Yorkshire

Telecoms system is given clean bill of health


Holycroft Surgery is a busy nine-doctor medical practice located in Keighley, West Yorkshire.
When it came to upgrading its telecoms system, the practice chose Russell Telecom, a company with three decades’ experience of meeting the telecommunications needs of UK businesses and organisations, as its preferred supplier.


Holycroft Surgery wanted to replace its existing telecoms system with a solution that could embrace its requirement for a call recording facility, MyCalls Manager and an auto attendant system. The medical practice required a solution that could embrace its need for a feature-rich system that was also cost-effective, reliable, easy to use and quick to learn.

Holycroft Surgery also required faster response times in their new telecoms solution.

Weʼre very pleased with our new telecoms system as response times have certainly improved,
efficiency has increased and itʼs a much calmer place now!
Andrew Haigh, Practice Manager at Holycroft Surgery

NEC Black Phone Variations



Russell Telecom completed a comprehensive evaluation of the practice’s telecommunications system before deciding that the NEC SV8100 would be the most ideal solution. The SV8100 came with 38 handsets, Voice Mail Auto Attendant, MyCalls encrypted voice recorder and MyCalls Manager reporting software.

Auto attendant is an optional facility that can be configured so that only out of hours calls and/or calls that have been ringing for a specific length of time are answered by the application. With auto attendant, incoming calls are answered quickly with greeting messages that can be changed depending upon the time of day or day of the week.

In addition, NECʼs MyCalls Manager call management software was installed at the practice. The SV8100 MyCalls Manager is easy to use and has many features, which include:

  • Real time graphical summary of calls
  • Historical reports to be generated at user defined times and intervals
  • Number of calls received
  • Number of calls abandoned
  • Call duration

The software would crucially enable the practice to measure how long callers are waiting before they hang up and how much time and money they spend on the telephone. By monitoring call traffic and measuring individual and group response times the surgery can now manage staffing levels and work priorities to ensure a truly patient-focused and efficient service.


NEC SV8100 Black Phone The practice team has experienced some tangible gains in efficiency, including response times, since the new system has been in operation. Prior to the installation of the solution, the practice’s telecoms system was organised into ‘call groups’. This system did not allow calls to be transferred and this resulted in slowed response times.

As Practice Manager Andrew Haigh explains:
The new system has improved response times, as calls can be transferred easily and we can log in and log out of calls. “We were trained in how to use the monitoring system and it means that efficiency, which is key to the effective working of a modern medical practice, has improved. It has also made the admin side of things, a much calmer place to be!


MyCalls encrypted voice recorder is extremely useful when giving complex information or taking detailed notes over the phone. The information and conversations can be reviewed at a later date on an individual or group basis, which provides an extremely effective training aid.

Many organisations use this feature for recording nuisance or abusive callers and for dispute management, and it is therefore ideally suited to a medical practice. All calls are recorded and encrypted providing legally accepted recordings to protect staff if further action is required. The call recording facility is also very useful for quality control purposes.