Hunslet Carr Primary School


Hunslet Carr Primary School

Russell Telecom’s solution is top class


Hunslet Carr Primary School is a mixed school with a current enrolment of 357 pupils aged from three to eleven years. It is a larger than average sized primary school and is situated in the Hunslet district of Leeds.

Hunslet Carr is located approximately one mile south east of the city centre. The school has gained a number of awards including the Stephen Lawrence Award, Inclusion Chartermark, Healthy Schools Award and Activemark.

Hunslet Carr Primary has been a loyal customer of Russell Telecom for many years and when it came to upgrading its telecoms system, it was delighted to choose Russell once again as its preferred supplier.


The school required a solution that could embrace its need for a feature-rich system that was also cost-effective and reliable.

Hunslet Carr Primary School – NEC SL1100 Phone System


“Everyone I have spoken to during this process has been very helpful from the receptionist to the installers… Thanks again for making our new install so smooth and without any disruption to our day to day running.”

Christine Raynor, Hunslet Carr Primary School

Key requirements for the school included: auto-attendant and voicemail facilities together with a conversation record option.

Hunslet Carr Primary was delighted to partner again with Russell Telecom, a company with over 25 years experience of meeting the telecommunications needs of UK businesses and organisations.

Hunslet Carr Primary School NEC Phone



Russell Telecom undertook a comprehensive evaluation of the schoolʼs telecommunications system before deciding that the new NEC SL1100 solution would suit the school’s requirements perfectly. Ideal for up to 30 extensions, this system is already proving very popular within the education sector.

Its unique platform is the ideal solution for any small business or organisation due to its powerful and intuitive features, comparatively low running costs and competitive price.

The SL1100 makes any team more reachable, more responsive and more productive.

Before installing the new system, Russell Telecom completed a full engineering survey to ensure that the cabling infrastructure could support the new system. Russellʼs dedicated team of engineers are all CRB checked which was a huge positive as it enabled the work to start and complete without any delay.


Hunslet Carr Primary is delighted with its new telecoms system.
Key benefits of the new system include:

Intuitive features that the staff could use from day one
Handsets and applications include shortcuts that speed up working processes
Time-saving applications empower staff to become more productive

Christine Raynor, office manager at Hunslet Carr identified the call-forwarding feature as one of the most useful. “This saves so much time as it frees up the front-desk allowing them to get on with other tasks while directing a call to someone who can help.”

The staff use the new auto-attendant and voice mail facilities extensively and they find the school conversation record feature invaluable. While on a call, they can press the record key and the call is recorded. The Voice Mail/Auto Attendant card provides the Conversation Record feature.

One of the key advantages is that ʻconversation recordʼ gives staff the ability to record a conversation into their mailbox, and even forward it to another extension. This feature is extremely useful when taking or giving complex information or taking orders over the phone.

The information and conversations can be reviewed at a later date on an individual or group basis providing an extremely effective training aid. Many organisations use this feature for recording nuisance or abusive callers and for dispute management.