Virtual Landline Numbers

What kind of virtual landline would you like?

Geographic Number

Numbers Starting
01 / 02


0333 Number

Business Rate

0844 Number

Local Rate

0845 Number

How easy is it to setup?

From choosing your number/s to setting up the service and creating call management, we aim to get you up and working in just a few hours by taking care of everything.

Once set up, you have control of your telephone number via your online control panel, where routing is controlled in real-time – but remember, we’re always there to help.

You may require the flexibility and mobility to operate with multiple devices i.e. Softphone, Mobile Application, and IP Desk Phone and as the service is delivered over the internet, the setup can be done very quickly.

How many numbers would you like?

As your business grows, you may choose to benefit from multiple numbers for different departments or to use with specific marketing campaigns. As well as the main business number, your sales team or accounts team may benefit from direct numbers.

If you have a number you would like to keep, you can port any UK landline number to our system.


A virtual landline number can call one or multiple devices at the same time. You simply choose which device to take or make a call on.

Mobile Phone App

Android Smartphones and iPhone iOS 5.1.1 or later.  Our app is also compatible with, iPad and Android tablets

eve Smartphone

Desktop PC Softphone

Softphone is compatible with Windows 10 and with MacOS, best used with a compatible headset.

eve Softphone for Virtual Landlines numbers on your PC

IP Handsets

Once provisioned, all IP handsets including Cordless DECT are Plug-and-Play. Simply connect with your internet router and the phone is enabled

Mitel 6940 IP Phone for Virtual Landline Numbers



£ 7
per month
  • Voicemail
  • Hunt Groups
  • Music on hold
  • Online Management Portal


£ 9
per month
  • ALL Entry Features plus...
  • Personal call queues
  • On-demand call recording
  • UK call bundle Local, National and Mobile 5,000 minutes per user licence


£ 15
per month
  • all Entry & Essential Features plus...
  • Instant Messaging (chat)
  • Group Chat
  • Availability
  • Collaboration
  • Mobile App
  • Desktop App


Let’s talk numbers

Business Benefits

  • Improve your reputation with a local or 0800 virtual landline number
  • Choose a regional number 0203/0161/0131
  • Build a trustworthy business presence
  • Run your business anywhere in the world
  • Your Caller ID is your business number, whichever device you use

We do not believe that anyone can dispute that calling a mobile phone number means you are something other than a ‘one-man-band’ organisation and that this can often give the wrong signals to potential customers. Our virtual numbers are delivered through VoIP, not “calls diverted” so additional features like auto attendant, call recording help boost your profile and productivity.

To create a larger presence, any small business may pick several numbers from other towns anywhere in the UK. You can also be outside of the United Kingdom and appear to have a UK office.

As your number travels with you, you can make and receive calls from anywhere in the world and appear as if sitting at your own desk.

Read more about cloud phone systems

How to get started with the mobile app

The eve app is available in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Just search “iameve”

Activate using your eve password

  1. After installing the app, select the link to login with username and password method
  2. Fill in your username and your password
  3. Press ‘Login’
  4. Now you’re ready to start using my app!

Activate using your mobile number

  1. You will receive a welcome SMS from ‘iameve’ which will contain a link to download the application.
  2. Click the link and download the application.
  3. Once downloaded, open the application and populate your mobile number, including the country code.
  4. Press the ‘Get activation code’ button to activate a code which will be sent to you via SMS and email.
  5. Use this code to validate the app by populating the box and pressing the ‘Activate’ button.
  6. Now you’re ready to start using my app!

How to set up the desktop softphone

You will need to login into your portal with the username and password provided

Microsoft Windows

The Windows desktop application may be installed and updated by the end user using the link. (64-bit Package).


The macOS desktop application is installed by running a software installation package. When updating, the installation package is opened automatically.

Frequently asked questions

How long would it take for my virtual landline to get set up?

We will set up your account and trigger it in a couple of hours once you have selected your virtual numbers.

I’d like to find a VoIP phone of my own. Is this possible?

It is possible, specifically if you already own suitable compatible IP handsets. For new IP handsets, we would recommend that we source your IP phone from us. Our IP Phones are pre-configured by us prior to shipping, so they are plug and play and come with our support / warranty.

Do you supply IP Phones?

Yes. We pre-configure our phones prior to shipping, so they are plug and play, making it very easy for you to get started.

I have existing landline numbers that I’d wish to keep. Can I port them to Russell Telecom?

Yes. We can port existing numbers and you will receive all the benefits of business VoIP.

Will my number work if I’m outside the UK?

Yes. Because our phone service is delivered over the internet, so long as your device is connected you will be able to make and receive calls as if working from your desk.