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The last thing healthcare professionals want is to add to their patients’ or staff’s frustration and stress by providing a poor phone experience.

Identifying the needs of Healthcare Phone Systems

  • To avoid long waits for calls to be answered
  • Easy way to cancel to avoid missed appointments
  • Enough lines for staff to be able to call out at all times
  • High call quality and clarity to minimise risk of miscommunication
  • To be contactable away from the practice, and connect homeworkers
  • Option to record patient calls, all or on-demand
  • Auto failover for patient calls in the event of power failure etc

IP Telephony in Healthcare

IP Telephony provides many benefits over traditional ISDN lines as well as significant cost savings. For healthcare, the ability to manage inbound calls before they arrive at the surgery, properly manage and queue calls at busy times, route urgent calls quickly and provide triage services with the comfort there will be no expensive phone bill…. has quickly become a necessity.

Auto Attendant

A calling menu can alleviate pressures on your reception team and ensure calls are answered based on urgency or priority. This can guarantee appointments, nurse consultations and physio requests and directed automatically to the correct people, increasing patient happiness and feedback.  

Smart Mobility

On-call, home visits and out-of-hours emergencies are easily managed though smart mobility. With mobile bolt-on apps you can treat your smartphone as your desk phone with all the features you would expect at your desk is in your hands wherever you go.

Easy to use / Feature rich phones

We offer a broad variety of phones and apps that deliver high-quality voice communications as well as features to increase productivity. Phones can be personalised through several customisable options to allow each user their own preferred way to communicate.

Care Home Residents

SIP offers a Care Homes the ability for residents to retain their old home telephone number, or provide a new private DDI. As well as free UK call package and not to worry about bills and charging residents every month.

SIP for low cost and scaleability

SIP can be scaled-up and scaled down to handle a high volume of concurrent calls without waiting for an engineer’s visit. SIP has inclusive UK calls, therefore calls from the medical centre will be zero cost, this is significant as more telephone triage appointments will be the norm going forward.

Telehealth services

Telehealth is on the rise and surgeries are looking for a secure communication tool to deliver a remote patient experience. With features such as voice and video calls, as well as text messaging, file sharing, and screen sharing, a UC&C platform helps you seamlessly incorporate telemedicine into your practice.

On-Demand Call Recording

Call recording is essential for many organisations, It provides indisputable facts about every call that can be used to resolve misunderstandings quickly and effectively, to use as a training tool and improve customer service, to review and refine call handling performance or simply because it is a legal requirement. If patients are abusive, recording can be kept and used as evidence.

Russell Telecom can help you enhance patient communication, streamline workflows, and improve operational cost-efficiency.

The Borchardt Medical Centre NHS logo

The lines are now much more dynamic as we can now increase the number of lines we have as and when required, this proved particularly useful when the demand for telephone appointments drastically increased. The mobile apps have allowed us to continue functioning as a practice, whilst providing us with peace of mind that we can adapt working ways securely, with no disruption should it be required. The whole installation process was seamless and professional and carried out with no disruption to our normal daily working. This is the second Practice I have used Russell Telecom at and as before the service has been exceptional

Rob Douglas, Practice Manager


Borchardt Medical Centre

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Solution NEC SV9100

Mowbray House Medical Logo

We found the solution very sophisticated in terms of call routing. Converting our lines to SIP meant that our monthly call bill has reduced drastically as we now have free UK calls. These savings and being able to keep existing handsets have helped to offset the new technology investments. We now have centralised call recording which makes management of both practices seamless and easy to administer

Ellie Rowlands, Deputy Practice Manager


Mowbray House Surgery

Industry Medical
Solution NEC SV9100

The Glen Medical Group Logo

The engineers were first-rate, efficient and helpful, managing to complete the whole installation with no disruption to the surgery

Lynn Crutwell, Practice Manager


The Glen Medical Group

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Solution NEC SV9100