Leased Line Broadband

When connectivity is critical

A Leased Line provides the fastest, most reliable internet service. It is a dedicated managed connection with speeds up to 10 Gigabit. It cannot be compared to Broadband… it is a totally different class of product.

A leased line is:

  • A dedicated fibre connection that does not use old technology (copper wires) does not connect via the public internet, is not shared with others, and provides guaranteed internet speed.
  • Does not slow down / speed up depending on demand or the time of the day (like Broadband).
  • Ideal for sharing data and voice via the same connection, with quality of service assigned for voice, so cease-off the old expensive telephone lines and merge your voice with your data.
  • Guaranteed excellent reliability, comes with a service level agreement of less than 6 hours, broadband in the UK has no SLA.

Why cut corners with your internet connection, leaving staff inefficient, and frustrated that they cannot do their job properly.

Leased Line Broadband - Infographic

Who is it for?

  • Most businesses now understand the importance of a fast, managed internet service, and that it is far more cost effective and productive than struggling on with a broadband connection. 
  • Business / Organisations need, now than ever before, a reliable fast internet service and to always experience the same high speed and level of service every day.
  • Companies who rely on remote staff accessing with voice and data requirements need a proper connection.
  • Companies with 20+ users, it is more and more important, staff have a professional internet connection.
  • Companies who have staff working online most of the time.
  • Ultra-low latency will avoid any delays that will impact on staff performance and ensures high voice quality.

Benefits of a leased line

We can install a leased line into your building, delivering you an uncontended service, which comes with the following benefits:

  • Dedicated bandwidth, delivering consistent and reliable speeds
  • Resilience through backup options
  • 24/7 monitoring, maintenance and support
  • 6 business hours return to service guarantee
  • Fully scalable with the flexibility to adapt with your business
  • Unlimited usage

As well as unrivaled speed and reliability from a secure dedicated internet connection, a leased line brings about the confidence you need to rely on cloud services, saving money in other key areas of your business.

business leased line broadband

Speed and reliability

Key advantage of a leased line is that it’s a secure dedicated line directly to your business. This means your connection is not shared with other local business user and does not fluctuate.

Customised connection

A leased line connection is symmetrical, which means upload and download speeds are the same. However you can customise your connection depending on your requirements to increase upload or download to best suit your needs.

Ultra-Low latency

Latency is the time taken to establish a connection, where bandwidth is the amount of data that can be transferred. With ultra-low latency, data should transfer almost instantaneously.  

Leased line broadband at competitive prices

Unbeatable pricing

Cost of leased lines have come down significantly over recent years, are a lot more affordable. By working with all the major UK networks, we can select the best rates from a network with infrastructure in your area, and therefore offer a more competitive price than other service providers.

Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme (GBVS) - UK

UK government is currently offering a grant contribution to pay towards upgrading business broadband to a high-speed capable connection.

How much you can get?
Up to £3,500 as part of a group

Who it’s for
Available to rural SMEs in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

To read more and see if your business is eligible please use the following link.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is becoming more and more important for business to have a reliable, fast internet service, we are all doing more and more online. For example, cloud software, remote storage, VoIP, customer portals and video conferencing. With a leased line, you’ll receive 99.99% uptime and 100% of your line capacity providing the reliability needed to save money by utilising more cost-effective cloud services. A leased line is a private connection, dedicated just to you, it does not connect to the public internet, and is fully managed and monitored 24/7/365 with a strict SLA and target restoration in the event of a fault. 

The process of connecting your office will typically take up to 75 working days, however it can be also a lot quicker depending on Fibre availability in your immediate area.  

A leased line is a dedicated circuit for your sole use providing the best security of all.

An automatic failover broadband line can be provided with our leased lines, using the same IP address range, therefore failover to the backup circuit will be seamless.

The speed/bandwidth you will require will depend on the quantity of users and applications you need to run your business. Russell Telecom offer impartial advice on the best solution for you.