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A good phone system can help you provide a a five star experience for your customer, provide value-added services, and cut operating expenses.

A specialised hotel phone system allows many day-to-day activities to be automated as well as connecting with other systems, freeing up staff time to concentrate on guests. Customers can enjoy ordering of food and drinks, wake up calls, and easy access to services for the restaurant, gym, spa, or golf centre from the handset in your guests rooms. For a personal touch, your customer’s name can be displayed with each service call that they make, enabling your teams to greet them by name.

Calling Menu

A calling menu (auto attendant ) will direct your caller to the right person, department or message centre with intuitive instructions.

  • Extension numbers offer a faster way for customers and staff to reach the right person.
  • One number or different numbers. You choose the setup that is the most efficient for you.

Free calls with VoIP/SIP Lines

SIP provides inclusive UK calls, therefore guests could be offered all their UK calls as part of the service, safe in the knowledge the calls will be free.

Easy to use / Feature rich phones

We offer a broad variety of phones and apps that deliver high-quality voice communications as well as features to increase productivity. Phones can be personalised through several customisable options to allow each user their own preferred way to communicate.

Moving to the cloud

  • SIP calls to UK Landlines and UK Mobiles are mostly free
  • Only pay for the features you need
  • Keep your existing numbers by porting them to the cloud, no more line rental
  • Quick and seamless migration from traditional ISDN to VoIP

Improved communication

  • DDI routing improves customer experience
  • Individual staff voicemail to get messages to the right person
  • Record all inbound and outgoing calls so you can revisit conversations to get the information you need.

Smart Mobility

In hospitality, staff are rarely found in the same location. With a mobile bolt-on you can treat your smartphone as your desk phone with all the features you would expect at your desk is in your hands wherever you go.

Whatever size your business, our range of telecommunications will keep you connected to you customers.

Beamish Hall, country house hotel logo

Once again, we are delighted with the new solution that will serve to futureproof our telecoms for years to come. Another excellent service by all involved from the brilliant team over at Russell Telecom!

Alex Tocu


Beamish Hall

Industry Travel & Leisure
Solution NEC SV9100