Working from Home

The way we work is changing

Working from home is an increasingly common way to work, whether you are a start-up or a blue chip corporation employee who is no longer expected to make the regular commute.

People’s expectations are also changing; their family and friends are constantly seeking a stronger work-life balance with more time. We want to work better, not harder.

If there’s a train strike, snow or hurricanes, closed roads or global pandemics, business continuity is essential to make sure your business is not affected.

Home working solutions

Both NEC on-premise and eve cloud phone systems provide excellent connectivity for home working. With any internet connection from Home WiFi to 4G on your mobile, your teams remain connected wherever they go. 

IP Phone at home

IP Desk Phone

IP phones work from any internet connection, anywhere. Simply unplug from the office and plug in at home. 

If you regularly mix home with office working you can have a home phone as an extension and both will ring with the same number. 

Mobile app connected you at home

Mobile App

A smartphone can work exactly as your office phone to make and receive calls from anywhere. Employee’s own devices only need the smartphone app installed to benefit from all the functions of a desktop phone. Apps have been developed to work on apple iOS and Android devices.

softphone video chat


Both NEC and eve offer desktop software to make and receive voice and video calls. With a USB headset your desktop or laptop keeps you connected with additional functionality like screen and file sharing, collaboration and video conference calls. 

NEC Remote Working

This video explains the many home & remote working options NEC have built-in to there business communications platforms.

eve Portal

eve Cloud Portal

Eve’s portal helps you manage your calls wherever you are:

  • Control where you want your calls to ring
  • Set your availability
  • Manage your contacts
  • View your call history
  • Listen to your call recordings
  • Instant message

and so much more.

Control how calls are routed, setup hunt groups and report on activity across the business.

My smart, easy to use interface means you can harness all features without having to navigate around complicated menus or technical jargon.

Lets work anywhere

We can help you achieve efficient and cost-effective home working