Telephone Fraud Prevention

The growing threat of Toll Fraud…

The growing risk of a toll fraud attack is alarming with businesses facing bills which can run into thousands and even result in bankruptcy. Rife in EMEA and especially the UK – the third most targeted country in the world, it’s a threat which most businesses don’t truly understand or defend themselves against.

Defence against these attacks, however, can be resolved with a simple and low cost solution. NEC’s Toll Fraud Guard application is compatible with the SV9100, SV8100, SL1000 and SL1100 series communication servers and provides a low maintenance, robust solution. And because the ‘on-board’ application is embedded into your system, there’s no extra cost and maintenance of a PC or server – unlike other solutions in the marketplace.

What exactly is a Toll Fraud Attack?

This is a fraudulent attempt by a hacker to gain unlawful remote access to a phone system, usually via an open SIP port. Attacks are often highly organized from an automated server and once accessed, fraudulent calls are connected and over a period of time, can run up call charges of potentially thousands. Typically, these occur out of office hours and are usually discovered after the event when it’s too late and businesses are left to cover the costs.

How does NEC’s Toll Fraud Guard defend against these?

All call activity is monitored 24/7 and any suspicious call activity is detected instantly. This results is one of two automatic alerts: an ‘alert only’ email sent to designated recipients, or in more severe cases an ‘alert and block’ which prevents any further call activity instantly. The emails provide call information explaining why a call or calls were considered to be suspicious. Once checked, if the call activity is legitimate the restriction can be removed simply by replying to the email and your business communications continue as normal.

How does Toll Fraud Guard work specifically with your business?

The simple set-up of Toll Fraud is based around your businesses specific call patterns, i.e. office hours, public holidays, length of a call, excessive calls rates, etc. From these parameters a set of rules are created – and if a rule is broken, an alert is sent. Not only does this detect a suspected toll fraud attack, it can also help prevent internal abuse of the phone system. You can make amends to your rule settings (e.g. changes in office hours) remotely via a browser for easy administration.

Does your business need Toll Fraud Guard protection?

The vast majority of businesses in the EMEA are considered vulnerable to these attacks including a worrying 84% in the UK. Most networks and phone systems have only basic toll restriction features, and although no solution can provide 100% protection, a further application is strongly advised.

Health Check feature

During installation, this automated feature scans your overall system for any weaknesses with a ‘traffic light’ safety score. By identifying these security risks the installation is then tailor-made for your specific system and network set up making it as effective as possible.

10 reasons why you need Toll Fraud Guard

  • Peace of mind with an effective toll fraud defence
  • On duty’ 24 /7/365
  • Helps prevent toll fraud attacks which can easily cost thousands
  • Low cost on-board solution with no extra cost of PC server required (unlike other solutions in the marketplace)
  • Tailored specifically to the needs of your business and call patterns
  • Zero maintenance solution which ‘sits in the background’ – until any alerts are triggered
  • Easy to use: alerts are easily switched off if telephone useage is legitimate
  • Acts as a strong deterent to internal telephone abuse
  • Flexible solution with easy updates via online Application Manager
  • Reacts instantly to a toll fraud attack

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