IP Telephony Phone Systems (VOIP)

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) is a great way to make and receive business calls over your broadband connection.
It’s cost effective and it allows your remote workers to fully access the same key services as those in the office. Here’s what it
would mean to your business:

Key Benefits:

By transferring voice traffic over your existing data network, calls placed on the same network effectively ‘ride for free’ which
can help to reduce your telephone bills.

Implementation of SIP trunking can also provider greater reductions in call costs, and aid disaster recovery.

Phones can be plugged into standard data ports, meaning your building only requires a single set of cabling.

Maintaining a single converged network, rather than separate voice and data networks, can also deliver significant cost savings.

Regardless of where remote workers are located, they’ll be able to access the same key services and functionality as their
colleagues based in the office.This enables you to offer the same seamless service and customer care across your
entire organisation.

IP telephony eases future growth, making it simple to add extensions or integrate new sites into the existing network.

IP telephony also makes it easy and cost-effective to include temporary workers, or create a temporary office for ad-hoc
projects, and consolidate resources such as operator positions in one central place.

But these are just some advantage of VOIP, it also offers you:

Flexibility & Mobility

With NEC’s SV8100 you can plug your IP phone into any Internet connection, anywhere in the world.

A Perfect Solution for Home Workers

Home workers can enjoy a host of system features from their VOIP telephone keeping costs to a minimum.

A Single Network Solution

Voice and data can share the same network, which reduces installations costs and makes network management easier.

Hot Desking Opportunities

Users can enjoy a more flexible approach to working, as they can log on to their own extension wherever they’re based.

SIP Trunking

By taking advantage of SIP trunks, your business can benefit in a number of ways. Firstly, your phone number needn’t be fixed to the geographic region you’re based. For example your business could be in Newcastle but have a London number, which would give you a national presence. Should you decide to relocate the business to another region, you can even keep the same number you originally had. And these benefits are just the beginning.

Improved Customer Service

Calls can be forwarded across branches seamlessly, which allows your customers to speak to right person, faster. For example, should you have different departments in different areas of the country, calls can be made to one central number then transferred to a regional office – and the caller will be none the wiser.

The benefits of VOIP

It allows deployment of IP devices where required.
Remote offices can effectively be called for FREE.
It provides guaranteed Quality of Service for head office-based staff.
VOIP minimises business risk by providing redundancy options should the network fail.