Telecommuting after covid

Telecommuting after lockdown

Telecommuting after covid

What will work look like after lockdown?

Some businesses proved working from home is just as effective as having employees in the office, through connectivity and collaboration solutions.

Businesses already connected through Hosted VoIP and NEC phone systems experienced little interruption thanks to some fast work by Russell Telecom’s inhouse support team to connect additional users. Russell telecom also migrated a number of businesses from fixed lines to VoIP so they could continue trading though lockdown one, two and three.

Will everyone return to the office?   We think not.

A new level of trust

The ability to work from anywhere has been available for a long time but trusted to very few employees. Covid has forced a new situation very few businesses expected and found that they have not only weathered the storm but seen growth through forced changes.

Managers and business owners across the UK have been surprised and delighted at their team’s response to pull together to keep business booming.

It’s not been easy for everyone juggling time to home school, finding a quiet place to work and attempting to follow a normal schedule. As we exit lockdown this situation will get easier, and many will want to continue telecommuting.

Businesses need to adapt to the new normal

As we start to see an easing of lockdown, schools returning, non-essential shops reopening and the joy of booking a Holiday, UK business managers and owners need to learn from the Covid experience and offer different work contracts.

The best business owners in the world surround themselves with the very best, most talented people. If home working is no longer an option after lockdown, the brilliant team built up over many years may start looking elsewhere.

Telecoms and connectivity will remain a priority

Coronavirus has demonstrated the importance of being operationally nimble. Cloud computing and unified communications has proved a compelling alternative to traditional self-managed infrastructure.

Intelligent call management though fixed lines, mobile apps and PC softphones is now more important than ever. Establishing and maintaining a mobile point of contact keeps employees easily reachable and productive regardless of their location.

Russell Telecom are here to help

At Russell Telecom, we are committed to helping business adjust to our new reality, we will continue to innovate to help solve some of our most pressing of challenges through our advanced solutions and services. Our team of in-house telecoms experts and engineers are ready to discuss and build the right communications solution for you.

Discover a new way of communicating.


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