Unified Communications

A brand-new world of digital transformation

Work is no longer tied to a specific desk, computer screen or phone. Cloud technology enables working flexible working providing new opportunities for all professionals.

UC provides a high level of interaction throughout a dispersed workforce. It provides access to teams to work and collaborate across the same secure system. 

Why Unified Communications?

Unified Communications appeals to businesses from almost any background, of any size. UC provides video conferencing, instant messaging and file sharing as well as voice and video calling on a single platform. Using multiple separate applications would be expensive, time-consuming and very confusing to manage.

Voice & Video

Voice over IP (VoIP) is efficient, cost-effective and provides the flexibility for your teams to work from anywhere. UC brings your teams together on a single platform without additional software overheads and from anywhere in the world. Face to face meetings via video help teams connect better with their co-workers. 

Messaging & Sharing

In an environment where employees and customers want answers instantly, real-time messaging is quickly replacing email to support an agile world. 

Video conferencing with additional benefits of virtual whiteboards, screen and file sharing ensures everyone is active in the same discussion. 

Team Collaboration

Collaboration tools help team members work together on projects in or out of the office. The evolution of projects is easier to monitor seeing who and when changes have been made and working remotely means no longer waiting for emails to be approved as instant decisions can be made. 

Single Solution

With a single solution, your team shouldn’t have to waste time switching between various applications to retrieve important information or speak to colleagues. The result of single-solution tools is not only a happier employee but a more productive workforce too.

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